Tech stuff if your wintel machine is running, this download will tell you what’s clogging your cpu. simple hex converter – useful for modbus programming looking to make a recording dilatometer?  This site has a piece of hardware you’ll need. Film for making printed circuit boards. Disk imaging freeware.  If you are running dedicated processors, this is the fastest way to restore a corrupted machine.  Miraculous. Maps a combination of keys to a macro for any program.  Great for repetitive mouse moves.  makers of a vast array of solders A great explanation of the hardening process and different alloys a subroutine that communicates with peripherals.  Serial communications. Schematics of classic fender tube amps. the best volume calculator ever.

Suppliers hardware store for R/D’ – lots of very useful, hard to find items – fast shipping Where filson gets/got their fabric (according to them).  Excellent for tool rolls and covers, anything you want to keep. some excellent high temperature mold materials. All of the crew at Olympic Color rod are great.  They sell my bronze optic molds Highly recommended  Evan is a really talented glassmaker and equipment builder.  Check out his site and buy one of his furnaces.

Http://  If you want to take credit cards, this is the only way that makes sense.  At least that’s what I think.


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